Who is APG Media?

Who is APG Media?

APG Media has been covering anime, gaming and pop-culture from a New Zealand perspective for over 10 years and is continuing to grow and expand into new ventures. From event coverage to covering anime series and expanding information to fans from New Zealand and around the world.

What’s our reach?

We’ve grown in the last 10 years with over 20k followers in total on our social media platforms with up to 30k monthly viewer reach in our busier months. We’ve got an active YouTube platform with a lifetime 400k views and regularly reaching 5k views in month!

We’ve had the chance to capture moments like this at Armageddon Expo ‘#Wintergeddon 2023.’

So what can we do for you?

We’ve specialized in our live coverage offerings at events. We can make your event stand out on social media and reach an audience that may be out of reach on your current platforms.
We also can do brand integrations with products that tie into our Anime, Pop Culture or Gaming ethos.

We have worked with Australasian and New Zealand brands such as Madman, Beyond Reality Media and PR companies like promoting releases like “APPLESEED Alpha.”


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